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Quality workers easily and quickly

The expertise and motivation of our employees are the most important things for us. All our gigs are rated by the employer and we give workers who perform well increased pay.

Bolt Employee Satisfaction

4.5 / 5

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Real estate service

Bolt Customer Satisfaction

4.24 / 5

A worker from Bolt has helped us at every one of our worksites and, at best, we have had employees from Bolt for a couple of years straight. They have been perfectly able to fulfil our needs and requirements.

Mikael Björk


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This is how we guarantee quality

Customers give feedback to workers and we pay a bonus to each worker who receives and excellent rating.

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Worker Search Alert

The free worker search alert informs you of workers that meet your requirements exactly when you need them. You can order, edit and delete alerts as you please.

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What does the Bolt-service provide for you, the employer?

Instead of calling, you can order workers as you please directly from the Bolt-service. You can browse workers, see their skills, previous work experience...

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You can call us as well

We will gladly help you on the phone as well. Call us, and we will find you the right worker.

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