Construction worker Ali Soikkeli, from Kuhmo, got a job in Espoo with Bolt in spring of last year. The journey from Kuhmo to Espoo is over 200 kilometres, so the first thing Bolt did was to offer Ali a reasonably priced apartment. “With Bolt this kind of thing is common, but very few temping agencies offer an apartment,” says Soikkeli.

“Since the journey to work was over 200 kilometres, they said we’ve an apartment for you straight away.”

Getting work fast

When Ali was looking for work last spring, things took off fast. “I sent off an application, and got the job contract done really fast, within a few days. I’ve been working here since then,” Soikkeli says. The original work agreement was for a shorter time, but before long it turned into months. First in the Iso Omena shopping centre in Espoo, then at a Lemminkäinen site, and after that with Peab. “They said on the building site that I didn’t need to be taught anything, since I knew all the stuff already. That I learnt fast, and everything went without a hitch,” Soikkeli remembers with a laugh. “I’ve had the change to do even more challenging jobs,” says Soikkeli.

“At the places I’ve worked there have been great workmen through Bolt, good skills and hardworking guys.”

Six months flew past

During his half a year of working, Soikkeli went home to Kuhmo only once a month or so. He was living in Vantaa with two others working at the same worksite, and there was even a sauna in the apartment. There was no shortage of work, and everyone could get as much work as they wanted. Soikkeli wanted plenty of it, and the long days and the weekends showed up nicely on the payslip.

“I think Bolt’s a good employer. The pay always comes on time, and all the extras are paid as they should be. Bolt also paid for doing the course to get the water work card, when there was a sudden need for it”, Soikkeli says. “One other firm offered me work, but they wouldn’t pay overtime or any other extras. They didn’t provide an apartment either, even though the work site was far away. I didn’t bother with them,” Ali says decisively.

“After this I’m off to Tampere for a Bolt assignment.”

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