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Desiree Saarikivi | Mar 31, 2017 2:12:40 PM


Ali Nasiru, who is training to be an electrician, began his career with Bolt last summer. He values the varied nature of the work, and how Bolt cares about its workers. “Bolt is a nice place to work, because on the employer side everyone is really friendly. I recommend Bolt to all my friends”, Ali says.


“I’ve already recommended Bolt for four new workers!"

Good management benefits everyone

At the end of summer 2016, Ali picked up the phone and called Bolt. Ali always tries to do his work as well as possible, and when his schooling is over he plans to continue working with Bolt, as an electrician. Ali quickly found work as a handyman, and since then has worked on several sites. His experience of Bolt as an employer is entirely positive. “It’s really nice to get to do different things. Bolt has helped me out so much in my life,” he says.

In other places where he has worked before, Ali has seen that things are often not handled as well, and that some employers’ promises often don’t amount to much. For that reason, Ali knows how important it is that the management side of a company works well, and that there is trust in the staff. "I’ve already recommended Bolt for four new workers, and as promised I have received a bonus for each of these recommendations,” he says with a smile. “I have had no problems at all with Bolt.”

Bolt is an ideal employer for students

Ali says Bolt has been a great place to work. “They help me out in life, and that’s why I’m here,” he adds. He reckons that students can’t really get by without working on the side. With Bolt, flexibly combining work and study is easy. In his work Ali uses mobile Bolt service, which provides workers with information at the moment that a job vacancy arises. Ali emphasises the strong points of the service: it allows the worker him- or herself to decide what works to take. “It really helps with work. You get to know straight away when work is available. And if you don’t want to take a job, you don’t have to,” Ali says. In this way, the mobile Bolt service makes it possible for workers to control their own use of time, which is especially important for students, since studies are daytime-oriented. According to Ali, Bolt is suitable for wise and smart workers who want their work to be varied.

Are you the sort of hardworking constuction professional Ali’s talking about?