Bolt.Works is a Finnish technology company specialising in staff recruitment. Our own Bolt.Works app has created a completely new marketplace for the workforce and its subscribers. We recruit and place employees in the construction, manufacturing, logistics, property management, hospitality and retail sectors.

Bolt.Works was founded in 2017, since then we have grown rapidly and our sales is already over 100 million in 2023. Our mission has been clean up the reputation of the staffing industry and be a pioneer on our own sector.  

In Bolt.Works app employees can see the job opportunities available, apply for the jobs they want and accept job offers from customers. Today, our application offers customers the ability to schedule shifts and invite a familiar employee directly to a job.

Our strong marketing and happy employees ensure that even in the event of a rapid spike in demand, we can deliver labour quickly to the customer. We are serious about working with our customers and this is reflected in high customer satisfaction.

Ville Herva
CEO, Bolt.Works