For clients

We can help you with your labour needs in manufacturing, logistics, construction, property maintenance, hospitality, retail and offices, even on short notice. You’ll have the support of our professional contacts and our unique Bolt.Works app.

Staff recruitment

Bolt.Works staff recruitment is a fast and flexible way to find employees for short and long term contracts in manufacturing, logistics, construction, property management, hospitality, retail and offices.

Search & hire

Bolt.Works search and hire is a quick and easy way to find the right people to work directly for your company. Search and hire saves your time and money. You can focus on your core business while our recruitment professionals search for the best people for your company.

EXE Headhunting

EXE Headhunting is a company specialising in headhunting of demanding professionals, managers and executives, with a background of hundreds of direct search assignments in various industries.

Order employees 24/7

In Bolt.Works app, you can order workers at any time of the day. The app allows you to manage all the practical aspects of your account, such as hourly invoicing, and track up-to-date reports. Get started with Bolt.Works app today! You can download it from the app store or access the app via your browser.